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SKU: C-1028

Dim Ship Weight: 10.00

Price: 241.00

Monocular Cordless LED Microscope - C1028



  • Widefield 10X eyepiece with revolving pointer
  • 45-degree inclined monocular viewing head rotates 360-degrees for easy sharing by more than one student
  • DIN standard 4X (0.10 N.A.), 10X (0.25 N.A.) and 40XR (0.65 N.A.) objectives. All are achromatic, parfocalled, parecentered, and color-coded.
  • 3-hole objective turret, ball-bearing mounted for smooth, precise changes in magnification


  • Low position coarse and fine focusing controls
  • Slip clutch prevents damage from over focusing
  • Tension adjustment eliminates stage drift
  • Safety rack stop prevents damage to slides and objective lenses


  • Cool running LED light rated up to 50,000 hours of life
  • Eco-friendly cordless rechargeable battery operated
  • 110V-220V power supply with removable cord


  • 110mm x 120mm stage, with locked-on spring mounted stage clips


  • Built-in 0.65 N.A. condenser lens
  • Calibrated 5-hole disc diaphragm